On Artistry.

I’m thinking of beauty and artistry, in its many forms, and how the simplest things that inform our mind and mind’s eye when there is space and presence to do so.

The role of art or artistry has little to do with functionalism or the creation of artifact. It has to do with changing one’s experience of what is real.

Art transforms the mind, the heart and awakens the soul.

Living with artistry has less to do with artifact and more to do with how we see and engage with the world around us, how we relate to that world, and how we move others and are moved by it. When we embody artistry as a way of being, we create a more intimate state of wonder with the world.

The role of the arts and the role of the artists, the role of leader is essentially the same. It is to find a way to diminish our isolation, and encouraging generosity and commonality. It is a change of our relationship to others. It is to change and evolve our relationship to the world. It is to change the world.

This is the courageous stance. This is the stance of artistry.

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