Primal by Nature; Spiritual by Birth

To me, my artwork is an anecdote of the paradoxical nature of our humanity: part interconnected spirit, part primal animal. These works consists of layers upon layers of composed paint applied in with a variety of tools including brushes, hand, and palette knives. The oil paint is fused with mixed media of graphite, ink, and organic material such as dried leaves, bark and earth.

I honor the abstract for its lack of representation, other than hints of the human form, and I invite viewers to seek clarity and personal spirituality by projecting their own internal ideas onto the canvas. I work to elimination all obstacles between the painter and the composed expression, and between that expression and the observer.

Some of my paintings have been interpreted as the origin and experience of humanity as a spiritual (but not religious) life-journey.

These recent works from late 2020 and 2021 explore the bridge between our seen and unseen worlds; our primal instincts and primordial callings; between isolation and oneness. There are essentially about primal spirituality.

Primal Spirituality is the understanding that we cannot think ourselves into happiness, fulfillment, and wholeness. And that the real human journey is centered on evolving, learning, growing, and personal development that requires a nourishing of the soul and activation of the human spirit.

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