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Recent Paintings / 2019

“I found that I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn’t say in any other way things that I had no words for,”

Georgia O’Keeffe

My paintings are an ongoing and intuitive investigation of the felt-sense of being alive and experiencing the seen and unseen aspects of our lives. The works are not intended to illustrate my own personal journey or experiences—although some contain personal narratives—but rather to investigate the common human journey we all share, individually and as a collective.

The visual aspects of the artwork explore how we humans are constantly evolving from one way of seeing ourselves in the world, primarily in the physical world, to ever-changing new relationships with seen and unseen forces. Aided by these seen and unseen forces we can emerge from previously inhabitable forms of ourselves into completely reinvented relationships with our lived and imagined experiences.

My paintings are deeply layered visual elements and mixed media application (oil paint, oil pigment, graphite stick, oil pastel) intended to be experienced differently up-close and at a distance.

The detailed textures are designed to create an intimacy between are art and the viewer. Rich layers of paint applied with brush, palette knife and large flat edges are intended to reveal, conceal and expose symbolic and abstract imagery—inviting the viewer into a closer examination of image, color, texture, and movement.

What emerges is an expression of our ever-evolving human journey of self-discovery through our physical and non-physical surroundings.

“All must have reference to the ensemble of the
world, and the compact truth of the world;
There shall be no subject too pronounced — All works
shall illustrate the divine law of indirections”

— Walt Whitman, “Laws of Creation”


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